The World Is Ready For Us...

Of the top global social networking sites, not one is solely dedicated to humanitarian, compassionate, civic and civil works, nor is any one of these organizations positioned in the non-profit sector (Statista Report, March 2015.)

With Facebook ranked number one (exceeding one-billion registered accounts) and Tumbler falling toward the bottom with 230 million registered accounts, a trend is set for what we are capable of achieving. Our goals are humble in comparison, and we see it highly plausible that we will meet our expectations of acquiring just over 2 million members within the first three-years of launching our technology and advocacy. A very small number when compared to the subscriber base of many mainstream social exchanges.

Further, through our non-profit structure, and mixed channels of virtual and real world advocacy, we are building a unique digital space that actively promotes face-to-face interactions. Providing not only a source of pro-active dialogue, inspiration and focused purpose, but more moving, measurable and humanity building results through our works.

Similar to patron-supported organizations such as museums and community-service programs, we suggest a voluntary annual minimum pledge of $10.00 (U.S.) A number that will place us fully self-reliant to offer resources and programs once we hit our target of 2 million members. Plus, with potential to exceed our membership target, or through receiving larger pledge and sponsorship support, the reach and positive effect of our movement is limitless.

Up to 80% of every dollar we receive goes to the development of new and socially responsible communication technologies, sponsoring community building events and media; and toward funding community service and humanitarian projects.