We began September 2011, when for 5 years we published a series of essays, portraits and video interviews that captured the hope and wisdom shared by 1000s of diverse individuals– strangers to each other and to us. In all, asking the same basic question. The results were varied, but one profound call to action emerged: Empathy toward our fellow human...


That question:
If you had the stage, and the whole world was listening, all people, undividedly; what words of wisdom, council or advice would you share?

Simply stated, caring about one another; realizing we are all of great worth as human beings, no matter what race, creed, outlook or status. The very reason why Operation-365 is here, and proof that the world is hungry for what we are doing: Bettering the way we view and treat one another— One Person, One Neighborhood and One Community at a time.

– we are proving that via the localized efforts of many diverse individuals, we can grow a positive global effect through bettering the way we view and treat one another –