Your Wisdom Matters To
Someone In The World...

We invite you to participate in our online interview. Your words and wisdom will be heard by 1000s. Proving that, regardless of race, creed, gender, religion, politics or circumstance, it is possible for us to openly see, and better yet, learn from each other.

The more who share, the greater our reach and impact in bettering the ways we see and treat one another.

We'd love to put a face with the challenge, so please send us a photo.
Mobile Device Snapshots are OK. If you are sizing your photos, keep them as close as you can to 1200pixels width @72dpi (no more than 1mb file size), and save them as jpegs

If you are titling your files (use this file naming): First Name, Country, State, and Place as shown: jane_unitedkindom_england_london.jpg