Richard Radstone


ceo & founder, Operation-365


“At first it was a challenge... then a commitment...
and from there it jettisoned to a life expanding philosophy.
A philosophy that literally redefined the very course of my
career, and a philosophy that now directs the path that Operation-365 has challenged me to follow.

A mission that I am happy to say has not only bettered my life, but the lives of many diverse individuals who are opening
their minds, hearts and actions to what we are doing.”

With over thirty years of professional experience in advertising, entertainment, and communication, as well as in the fields of education and organizational development, Richard has accumulated a deep resume of skills. He has spoken to auditoriums, conducted intimate lectures and firesides, written countless blogs, traveled the globe, and has collaborated with an endless list of people, brands and projects. In all, always advocating for the importance of empathy toward one another.

A true ambassador in respecting the abilities of others, he believes in the value of the individual person. An attribute that is core to how he manages both his personal and professional relationships, and the genesis to the passion he has for growing the mission of Operation-365.