KROQ with Megan Holiday

Recently Richard was interviewed by Megan Holiday of KROQ 106.7. They talk a little bit about the history, the future and what Operation-365 is doing. We invite you to take a listen.


Jim - "My daughter wants to be a doctor"


It’s early Sunday morning and, as expected, the sleeping in crowd has left the streets a bit thin of movement. Other than the coffee shop goers, open houses of worship and cyclists/runners, people are sparse wherever I roam.

I drive the rural areas of Los Angeles, needing to get out of my regular geography in lowering my daily stresses, and the sleepier the community, the lessor the population. The sun is low in the sky and the morning is breezy and cool. The lack of people enjoying this perfect start of a day hits me a little sad.

I cruise aimlessly, windows down, cool wind slapping me in the face. My mind open as I watch the world blur by. When, in passing of a second, in a small little park, I see a figure. He’s about one hundred yards to the North of my forty-mile an hour trajectory. I find myself rubber necking, eyes locked on him as a fly past the park. I slow rapidly and hit a rather aggressive U-turn. On my heavens! Am I a stalker?

But as I absorb the g-force of my extreme course change, all trepidation escapes me when a feeling of, “you are making the right choice,” enters my psyche.

I pull into the park and over the sound of welcoming dog barks, I introduce myself to Father, Husband, Human Resource Manager and Expert Downhill Mountain Bike Racer, Jim. He shares his wisdom.


“Don’t worry about the things that are going on now, or about getting old, we have to enjoy where we are. Think about the things that we worried about five years ago, they are no big deal now. They were at the time, but you can say now that they were not that big of a deal. It took me a long time to learn that lesson, and now I apply that to the way I react to things.

We have to learn to appreciate where we are, and to not stress about the little things in life.

About the future, I don’t know. But I see a time where people are getting more aware with the challenges of pollution, issues with the earth, things like that, and hopefully that will carry on.

It’s hard to say. It seems like in the last twenty years much has changed with technology and stuff. It will be amazing the see where we will be in one hundred years.

It’s going to change though. Think twenty year ago to now– cellphones, digital cameras and all the things we can’t live without. I don’t even know where to start with looking one hundred years ahead.

The question is, how much can change in one hundred years?

It’s not like we have the flying cars they said back in the sixties that we would have by the year two thousand. But, still it would be amazing to see where we will be with technology in one hundred years.


I have hope for my kids and their kids. We’ve learned a lot, and hopefully the economy will be better by then.

The advice I give my kids is to stay in school so they can rely on themselves to be professional in whatever field they choose. My daughter wants to be a doctor.”

To Jim, we appreciate you openness to chat with a stranger, and for your candor in the way you see the future. May many of us share with you in doing our part to create the beginnings of a better world to come, and know we dream as do you, that it will be amazing.

Wisdom Shared – Thomas, London, England


We Are All

Sovereign Beings


If you had the stage… the undivided attention of the world… and all were listening… What words of wisdom, council or advice would you share?

“We are all sovereign beings.
We all have to act like that.
And do it with harmlessness. With light and love.”

Looking ahead… as far, or as close as you want to imagine (one or hundreds of years)– What do you think we should be doing now for the future to come?

“‘Acknowledge that “‘what is – IS!,” And take back our ability to react out of free will. Demanding that love and light are the only true powers of the psychical world. And that happiness is the only true indicator of how we are doing.'”

Interview - Amy


Just Be A

Little Bit Nicer


"Take life slow. Listen to people who you think are wise. Learn as much as you can and always pay attention. As far as the planet, I’m from Texas, and I think as far as globally and keeping the earth green and everything, I’m all for that. But, sometimes I wonder if what we are actually doing is fruitful, or if we are just making more people money. People are always talking about recycling, recycling. And being here in California, my son goes to a school where people are preaching a lot about it. But I’ve noticed that people don’t always practice what they preach. I remember a woman who went on and on about what she was going to do about the planet, and then I went over to her house. She had a pool, she had the hose water going and it was on a slide. The water was spewing everywhere. She didn’t recycle in her home, and stuff like that. It saddened me to recognize that she did not practice what she preached to everybody. The hypocrisy of it infuriated me, and that is what I see everywhere. I wish that people would practice what they preach, and I hate to say that I don’t see that enough. I wish that in the future, people would do that more. But I don’t see it happening as much as it needs to. I just see things getting worse. People are not teaching their children. They leave their kids with nannies, they go out partying and play. They are not raising their children, they are not instilling morals in their kids. I see kids cussing at age two or three or four years old. They are not learning any good values and it scares me. My son started out on Cary Grant and Fred Astaire movies. He says ‘yes mam’ and ‘no mam…’ He’s polite and respectful. But here in California, teachers tell him to not call them sir. One teacher even rebuked my son, saying, ‘Don’t ever call me sir, you are not in military school, it sets you apart from other children. I was also told to tell him not to do that. I completely disagreed. The next year he opened a door for a female teacher. And that teacher was completely offended that he called her mam. She said that she was not an old lady, and that she did not need to be called mam. And, I think that one time she stepped up onto a stool to get a book. My son offered to help her so she did not need to use the stool. She contacted me to tell me that I was raising my son to be a male chauvinist pig. He told me he was just trying to a gentleman. Life is changing and I don’t think it is in a positive direction. Those are the kind of things that I see daily. I’m just thinking of the future of my child. We are parents. I really hope that if one person does something good. If my son opens a door for somebody, that somebody says, ‘Oh that was nice, somebody has not opened the door for me in a long time. Then maybe a husband will start opening a door for other people. Or somebody will treat a waiter nicely as they refill a water-glass, saying ‘thank you.’ It's endless, there are all these thankless jobs out there and nobody appreciates the people who are doing these jobs. People are driving around and honking at people who are working outside in 110-degree heat. And, all they are thinking about is ‘I’ve got to get to work.'"

Interview - Zareh


Two Simple Words


“I’ve always been a mechanic, it has been good to me and my family.The future? I can’t say, I think I just want to be on the beach enjoying the beauty with my wife. Working class people like us just want everybody to be peaceful and straight-forward people. I don’t know. It really does not matter religion, what matters is that the heart is good. If you work straight in your work, in your private life, in your friendship, as a husband and wife. One lie, eventually it is going to catch up, and then you are going to be in trouble. You do your best. And then, if you know you did your best… what else are you going to do more. Be honest.. That’s it, one word, honesty. It’s the only way. Again, friendship, family, whatever, business, if you lie? Yea, you can get away with it. Once, maybe twice. Third time or more? People start to see things! So don’t’ lie. Sure, we are human; we make mistakes, but be honest in what you do. There is nothing better than being able to sleep at night. If just fifty percent of us treated each other with respect and honesty, the world would be in a better place, and none of us should ever forget, that if we make a mistake, we should say two simple words… ‘I’m sorry.”

Interview - Alfonso


Respect Each Other


“Respect each other. There are a lot of electronics, if we have a problem, it is going to be a big problem. Everything is going that way. In my life. No. Maybe another generation."

Interview - Michael


Stay Connected

The Right Way


“I’d tell everybody to treat each other like you want to be treated. There are a lot of different people in the world, but still we are cut from the same cloth. We’re people, we’re human. It’s not about ethnicity… even though the world sees it that way. But I don’t see it that way. I think we’d live in a whole much better world if people would just take the time and hear what the next person’s got to say, and to pass something on that is good if they do have something to say. You have people that are here for one reason or another. For whatever they think they may stand for, or what they might do, or something like that. I find today that a lot of people are unapproachable, but still, there are a lot of people who are approachable. I’m no individual to judge, but you can pretty much see the good from the bad, and sometimes I miss a call: The person that you think is bad, is not, and the person you think is good, is actually bad. It all depends on how well you get to know the individual and what they are going through.

People seem to be disconnected today and a lot of it has to do with technology. You walk and you see a lot of young kids. They have headphones on, and they’re really not paying attention to their surroundings. They are looking up, they are looking down at their phone screens, or texting. To me it seems that if we keep heading in that direction, we are going to fall out of touch with the real value of human socialness. And if it keeps going like it is, people are just going to fall out of touch with each other. People are not aware of their surroundings, and I don’t think they really care. It’s all about right now, they are not looking into the future. I don’t see a real good future for us. That is in the next twenty years or so. I would hope things would change or get better, but I don’t know? People don’t talk anymore, really talk! You know, try to see where you are coming from. The way I look at it, the Internet, the iPhones, the iPads, even with them, everyone is disconnected.”

Interview - Justin


To Walk With Them

As The Same


“Be strong, not physically, but mentally. Provide yourself with more than you think you can do. Whatever it is, you can achieve it. And don’t stop dreaming, because dreams are the keys to the world. In high school, my career councilor told me that my tests showed that I had a propensity towards being a teacher, pastor or someone sharing a message. To walk with them as the same, thy here to take their pain, help them when they can not change. Not so long ago a friend and I go into a Starbucks. We give $100 to the guy at the counter and asked him to use it to cover all the next customers until it is gone. We asked him to do it with one condition, ask everyone who receives the paid for drink to pass on a good deed. My dad once told me that I have a gift; I did not understand what he was talking about at the time. But now I think I’m starting to. I’ve always been a good listener and somehow I calm people. I’m about to start my training as a Hypnotherapist, I start school next month and will be practicing in six months. I want to use the gifts that have been given to me to help others. I hope I’ve found a way to do it. I want things get better politically, the government is going crazy. Health wise, everyone in on drugs! I’m scared for the future. Too many of my friends have fallen to hard drugs like XTC and Cocaine. I’ve seen it ruin their lives. I remember learning this in high school, stay away from drugs, being told that Marijuana is a gateway drug. I even had to end my relationship with my girlfriend. She changed for the worst after getting into smoking Marijuana. She became an angry person, not the person who I knew before her addiction."