Interview – Thomas


Too many people believe

that they are right and

everybody else is wrong


"The reality is that the world is very confrontational. So many people are black and white in their expectations. Basically, too many individuals believe they are right and everybody else is wrong. They pick their sides and are immovable. Therefore, to make any change, it’s almost war; and rather than each side listening to each side’s position or argument, they would rather blindly fight.

We need to realize we were all born into the same earth; and we all have to live together on the same planet. We all have to recognize we are all human. Too many become self-centered in creating their own individual worlds and do not look out for the communities around them. This mentality has to change.

I remember my dad’s time and my life as a kid, it was different then. Businesses were not only about profit; they were more considerate of the fact that it was also about giving people jobs. Now, new corporations are mostly concerned with making money and people are expendable. There are too many companies that lack humanity."