Interview – Meghan


Everybody has a story

that they have been

through, and it can benefit

someone else


“I’ve had trust issues, and what is helping me is to let others know this. Learn to love people without expectations, not thinking or expecting that you’re going to get something back. Do unto others as you would like to be treated. Love your family, because after everyone else is gone, you only have your family. I’m working to love myself more, and for my family to become more spiritual. I want my kids to accomplish the things they want to accomplish and to be happy. I think deep down that is what every one wants. I’m still learning who I am. My kids have had a tough life, I worry about them. My husband and I have fought hard to keep us all together, and I love them. If we express sincere love in all we do with our kids, from discipline to playtime, we are helping them to feel a sense of security in knowing they are loved, and that in itself is a base to self-worth and esteem. I wish people to be nicer to each other. Why we go to war isn’t exactly the same as why we are told we are going to war. I hope some day to be able to trust that the people we elect are people we can trust, that they will do what they say, and really be more loving, caring and empathetic to the real people. There is a lot of deception in the world, people need to be more honest.”

Meghan's wisdom to others with dependency problems?

To those who want to help others
“It’s a sad, sad place when your using, but you can’t really help an addict unless they want to help themselves, all you can do is plant the seed, you can’t force them to look for help, they have to do it for themselves.”

To the addicts
“I know this from experience, you can be happy, there is a place you can go, you don’t have to be miserable.”

“Every addict has an excuse.”

“You can either dwell in the past, a past which isn’t going to do you any good, or you can choose to make your day better.”

“The greatest counselors are ex-users. And their example tells us that we can take the past and turn it into something positive.”

“And God can make your days better.”