Interview – Latin, Caprice and Daughter


All of us need to enteR the

direction of being positive,

smiling at peoples faces

and saying hello


I’ve been through a lot. I’m only twenty-three years old, but still, I’ve been through a lot. A lot of judgment, and a whole lot of that ridicule. Definitely do not judge a book by its cover. Because of the color of my skin color and my tattoos, and the way I dress, walk and talk, even the words I use, people misconceive that I am just another thug on the street. They probably think that I have no goals, I have no ambition, and basically my life is going to come to a halt, and I that I am going to give up at some point of time. I want people to know that there are actually people out there who do care, that want to know the other side of the story. So none of us should judge a book by its cover. God works in mysterious ways, it’s crazy.

The biggest thing that an African-American, probably mostly males, but females get it too, has to deal with is the whole racial profile. A lot of people, especially those in the poverty driven areas, think there is nothing they can do about profiling. They run out of hope. There goals are not being supported, all their dreams are being tarnished. It is really bad. But there are a few that are out there, like myself, that never want to give up on their dreams, no matter how hard it gets. No matter what type of tough terrain you have to drive through, you have to get there somehow. Someway. I never let a situation like the cop, or anyone, profiling me to stop me from ever-moving forward and putting one foot in front of the other. We all have to learn to do that.

I’m not a violent person, so I would not fight if I did not have to. I would just keep moving forward. There is nothing you can do about those people, just let them be those people. There is no possible way that they can be helped, as far gone, as they are mentally, that we can turn them back. We Just need to focus on the things that we know we can get done; like living our dreams, going to school, being a good parent, being there for our families. Getting out there and trying hard to be the man or woman or son or daughter or whatever they are trying to be and to just become that.

Look at yourself and the people you know are good people, and help those people. And to all the negativity, just stay away from it. All of us need to enter the direction of being positive, smiling at people’s faces, saying hello, giving a handshake instead of a frown or a mean mode. But still, looking at the future, I have to say that we are heading towards destruction. And if you and I and the others don’t step it up and try to help change what we can change, and what we have the power to change, even that and more, honestly. We are in big trouble.

If we don’t, destruction and hatred toward one another is going to continue in the same cycle, and that is exactly were we are heading right now. That cycle of hatred and isolation among people of all different colors, all different races and all walks of life. People don’t seem to want to get out there and get themselves known or know anybody else. They want to worry about just themselves, or just what they have going on. They want to live life selfishly, and, I don’t think that is what life is about. It's about getting out there and learning about people and not judging them on a constant basis. On the good side, the future is changeable if people can learn to shine in a positive light.”

“Toward the world in general? There is too much negativity. If people could just see the world, and people, through a child’s eyes. To be carefree as if they did not know judgment, or if they did not know there is so much snideness and hateful things out there.

People should be ably to walk down the street and be able to say hi to someone, like in a community. But nowadays people don’t even speak to each other in their own community, in the grocery store or in their own neighborhood. Most of that just comes from people having their nose stuck in the air. People need to come together, to break this class type of thing and to just to be humble towards everyone. Everybody would be a lot happier if they were to see the world through a child’s eyes and not to care about what people think.”