Interview - Amy


Just Be A

Little Bit Nicer


"Take life slow. Listen to people who you think are wise. Learn as much as you can and always pay attention. As far as the planet, I’m from Texas, and I think as far as globally and keeping the earth green and everything, I’m all for that. But, sometimes I wonder if what we are actually doing is fruitful, or if we are just making more people money. People are always talking about recycling, recycling. And being here in California, my son goes to a school where people are preaching a lot about it. But I’ve noticed that people don’t always practice what they preach. I remember a woman who went on and on about what she was going to do about the planet, and then I went over to her house. She had a pool, she had the hose water going and it was on a slide. The water was spewing everywhere. She didn’t recycle in her home, and stuff like that. It saddened me to recognize that she did not practice what she preached to everybody. The hypocrisy of it infuriated me, and that is what I see everywhere. I wish that people would practice what they preach, and I hate to say that I don’t see that enough. I wish that in the future, people would do that more. But I don’t see it happening as much as it needs to. I just see things getting worse. People are not teaching their children. They leave their kids with nannies, they go out partying and play. They are not raising their children, they are not instilling morals in their kids. I see kids cussing at age two or three or four years old. They are not learning any good values and it scares me. My son started out on Cary Grant and Fred Astaire movies. He says ‘yes mam’ and ‘no mam…’ He’s polite and respectful. But here in California, teachers tell him to not call them sir. One teacher even rebuked my son, saying, ‘Don’t ever call me sir, you are not in military school, it sets you apart from other children. I was also told to tell him not to do that. I completely disagreed. The next year he opened a door for a female teacher. And that teacher was completely offended that he called her mam. She said that she was not an old lady, and that she did not need to be called mam. And, I think that one time she stepped up onto a stool to get a book. My son offered to help her so she did not need to use the stool. She contacted me to tell me that I was raising my son to be a male chauvinist pig. He told me he was just trying to a gentleman. Life is changing and I don’t think it is in a positive direction. Those are the kind of things that I see daily. I’m just thinking of the future of my child. We are parents. I really hope that if one person does something good. If my son opens a door for somebody, that somebody says, ‘Oh that was nice, somebody has not opened the door for me in a long time. Then maybe a husband will start opening a door for other people. Or somebody will treat a waiter nicely as they refill a water-glass, saying ‘thank you.’ It's endless, there are all these thankless jobs out there and nobody appreciates the people who are doing these jobs. People are driving around and honking at people who are working outside in 110-degree heat. And, all they are thinking about is ‘I’ve got to get to work.'"