Interview - Zareh


Two Simple Words


“I’ve always been a mechanic, it has been good to me and my family.The future? I can’t say, I think I just want to be on the beach enjoying the beauty with my wife. Working class people like us just want everybody to be peaceful and straight-forward people. I don’t know. It really does not matter religion, what matters is that the heart is good. If you work straight in your work, in your private life, in your friendship, as a husband and wife. One lie, eventually it is going to catch up, and then you are going to be in trouble. You do your best. And then, if you know you did your best… what else are you going to do more. Be honest.. That’s it, one word, honesty. It’s the only way. Again, friendship, family, whatever, business, if you lie? Yea, you can get away with it. Once, maybe twice. Third time or more? People start to see things! So don’t’ lie. Sure, we are human; we make mistakes, but be honest in what you do. There is nothing better than being able to sleep at night. If just fifty percent of us treated each other with respect and honesty, the world would be in a better place, and none of us should ever forget, that if we make a mistake, we should say two simple words… ‘I’m sorry.”