Interview - Justin


To Walk With Them

As The Same


“Be strong, not physically, but mentally. Provide yourself with more than you think you can do. Whatever it is, you can achieve it. And don’t stop dreaming, because dreams are the keys to the world. In high school, my career councilor told me that my tests showed that I had a propensity towards being a teacher, pastor or someone sharing a message. To walk with them as the same, thy here to take their pain, help them when they can not change. Not so long ago a friend and I go into a Starbucks. We give $100 to the guy at the counter and asked him to use it to cover all the next customers until it is gone. We asked him to do it with one condition, ask everyone who receives the paid for drink to pass on a good deed. My dad once told me that I have a gift; I did not understand what he was talking about at the time. But now I think I’m starting to. I’ve always been a good listener and somehow I calm people. I’m about to start my training as a Hypnotherapist, I start school next month and will be practicing in six months. I want to use the gifts that have been given to me to help others. I hope I’ve found a way to do it. I want things get better politically, the government is going crazy. Health wise, everyone in on drugs! I’m scared for the future. Too many of my friends have fallen to hard drugs like XTC and Cocaine. I’ve seen it ruin their lives. I remember learning this in high school, stay away from drugs, being told that Marijuana is a gateway drug. I even had to end my relationship with my girlfriend. She changed for the worst after getting into smoking Marijuana. She became an angry person, not the person who I knew before her addiction."