Interview – Venessa


"Come On,

You Can Do This,

Figure It Out"


“’I’ll hand down some advice that I read in a book, it is called ‘The Last Lecture.’

Basically it talks about people making promised that they make, and what to believe from people— what they tell you.

The advice was to judge a person not by what they say, but by their actions. I take that with everything that I do. People can say anything, it is easier to say than to do. And when someone does something it really proves their character and it proves the type of person that they are.

When I think about the future, I mainly think about having kids and of the future I want them to have. I think about the kind of world that they will be living in, and how it will shape them in who they are later on, and when I think about it, probably ten years from now when I have kids, I question what the world will by like? And I think there will probably be some kind of progression of disconnection between people. I see it happening now and I don’t see it improving. I think that disconnection has something to do with technology, even though the point of technology is to connect people in other ways. But, a lot of the times people forget how to really connect with other people on a personal level.

I work at a middle school and I see kids with information at their fingertips. It is so easy for them to get information than when I was younger when you had to actually go to the library and look up books. I remember that is what research was like for me. It astounds me how kids want to know it now and how they will find a way to get it now.

It is important, especially for kids, to learn how to do it old school. To go to a library and to look something up. To put down the technology for just a minute, and just remember what it should be like, and to remember how we did it back then.

It’s good know technology and to be current, because it does do so much good. But we have to know it all. And with kids, the more they know the better they are. It never hurts to know the traditional stuff. Technology is not the only solution; we need to learn how to overcome things without getting lost in it.

It really surprises me, it not that hard. Come on… you can do this… figure it out."