Interview – The Student of Paz (Peace)


In The Mirror

Of Reason


"Modern man thinks he is wide-awake, with his third eye open and wise to the world. But the wiser he thinks he is, the more insane he looks in the mirror of reason. It’s all about self-reflection, you have to know yourself, and not be an asshole. We have to respect each other, but also need to learn to be a good judge of character. To not tiptoe through the tulips; but to watch out for the landmines. I came from a big family. Grew up with a lot of kids around me. I saw a lot of mistakes as well as made a few of my own. I learned from what I saw and did. What is important is that we have to use common sense, and be wary to take caution. Like my mom used to say, ‘Wear your sweater!’ If things keep up the way they are going, we are going to eventually become so numb. Especially if we listen to our politicians, they are like car salesmen, trying to sell the dream. Jim Jones did that with Jonestown and created his blind following. Look what happened to his followers. People have to come together and learn to trust who is trustworthy, but in living we have to be wary."