Interview – Christina


The lighter the luggage,

the bigger the smile


"'Sometimes we don’t even know what the baggage is. Life most often tells us what it is, and we need to eliminate it, whatever it is. The least worries, or the least baggage, that we carry with us, in many aspects, starting with the material tasks, the bigger the smile! You don’t need to have a lot to give a lot. There is nothing that matters about the journey and tide, what does matter is the spiritual aspect of why we are doing what we do, rather than focusing on the materialistic things.

I had a dream to be a Ballerina at a very young age. I was very shy, and dance was a way for me to communicate without words. Then life took that away when I had an injury, and then, against all predictions, I got a career in communications, which for someone as shy as I was as a child was… as my father said, ‘Was a miracle.’

Now, I’ve left all that the world considers success, position, money and all that, leaving a career in communications to become a dance and theater teacher. Which brings me back to what I am saying, ‘The lighter the luggage the bigger the smile.’

When I let go of many of the reward of being quote, unquote, successful in the eyes of others, I truly became successful in the eyes of myself. Now I feel very lucky and am enjoying my life very much.

My friends ask me, ‘How could you leave a successful career in communications?

I tell them, ‘I thought it would be difficult, but it was really easy, once I made the decision. It was a blessing in disguise.

I’m probably not the person to predict the future. I see greatness and I see light. I see people evolving to another place. I don’t have too many facts socially, but still, I see a big light. I see beauty and I see so much awareness. I truly believe that people really want peace and harmony and to be happy. All of us.

If everybody could pay if forward? If everybody could just smile at each other, just smile randomly, one hundred times a day, it would be a much better world.

I want my ten-year old to live in that much happier world

I want the fairy tail!”