Interview – Brian


Make Love Not War


“We want to experience a different culture than that of Los Angeles.  It’s really cool what you are doing with 365. It reminds me of a book a read by a British professor. In this book the author studied modern perspectives on luck, and in it the first thing that was disproved was superstition.  What it did prove was that luck is not by chance, it often fell more on people who regularly engaged in with people. Showing that people, who were not myopic in looking at the broader world, had a greater percentage of good fortune falls upon them.  Not necessarily from the people who they engaged with, but from unknown and unfamiliar sources.  Love one another.  Make love not war!  I say it not just tongue in cheek.  The problem is real. We have so much world conflict going on now… and there doesn’t seem to be any resolution and I see no end to it.  There are more wars now than any other time in world history. And a lot of the reasons are frivolous.  There are so many innocent people dying for it… so much strife.  We have to find a way of resolving our differences without killing each other. I don’t know what it will take.  And the problem is getting bigger. We are going to become a more populated world. As we do there is going to be a lot more competition for resources. Whether it is water, food, fuel, whatever it is, etc.  There is a lot of real estate out there to occupy, but there is only a limited amount of natural resources. We are depleting those resources while we are also polluting our world. Unless we have some kind of a major overhaul in the way we think and look for ways to use resources, and to regenerate what we have already used up, we’re heading toward a pretty touch future.  We insulate ourselves with money, and the more people have, the less crap they have to take from the world. That is not a healthy way to think.  My fear is that twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years from now we are going to end up with these enclaves of the wealthy… world communities? We have them now, but for the future the risk is even more so. I fear it is going to be the lessor’s outside of the wall and the moat is going to be there with the Alligators. That is no way to live as human beings.”