Interview – Richard


A Good Teacher



“Treat every day as if it is the last day you will see. Life is so fragile; you never know what could happen in a second. There are so many unforeseen pitfalls. Everything could be fantastic and could change instantly. Leave the planet in good shape for the next generation. Treat each other kindly. No matter what our condition, we all have something to offer. Learn to not only love yourself, but also be accepting of others, again, no matter what their condition. Whether mentally or physically disabled, people are people, and we need to look at each other as such. I see lots of love coming from my students, as well as parents that are so dedicated to their children. Having a special need child is a blessing, but it difficult and a life long commitment. These kids have a lot to offer: talents, aspirations and personalities. I’ve been a schoolteacher at Canoga High since 1985. It’s a great campus with great programs. We have lots of advanced classes and it is a nice place to work. I don’t understand why so many families are sending their kids to other schools. It touches me when I see the joy of parents who see progress in their children or when one of my students is successful in their development. I’d like to know that the day should come when people will look back and say, ‘we left the world a better place.’”