Interview – Rex


Don't Be Afraid

to Step Up


“My youngest brother is very wealthy and will not speak with me and I have lost contact with the rest of my family.  Many years ago I refereed youth basketball and football and worked as a team portrait photographer.  I have a reason for being here. I’m doing something about the injustice we receive.  I don’t lie, I don’t cheat, I don’t steal. If there is anybody who needs help I’ll help them, even if I have to give the last possession I have, I will, if it helps someone else in greater need than myself. That’s the way I am.  I’ve been beaten too many times to count by our local police, and I’m not scared to talk about it. They use us as test dummies for training.  Many are too intimidated or crazy to speak up, but I am not.  People need to know how we are treated.  Many of us do not choose to be out here.  Some are here by choice, but many more are here because of illness or bad fortune.  It’s that simple.  It’s terrible how we are singled out and brutalized in the name of law.  Yesterday I received my letter of incorporation: The Coalition of Disabled and Homeless, Inc.  We are beaten in the name of training the law. They tell rookies: It’s ‘breaking the cherry.’  Here I am, at gunpoint of an obvious rookie in training. I look at his senior and ask, ‘Tell this guy to put the gun down, he is going to hurt someone.'  To the homeless: Don’t be afraid to step up, voice your thoughts, words and opinions with knowledgeable people, or other people who can help the homeless cause. Do your part. Go en masse to the councilman’s office.”