Interview – Gina


I Don't

Love Myself


“Never trust anyone.  I don’t love my self; we can go there if you really want to get deep.  I love life, open space, air and everyone. I’ve learned to compartmentalize anger and to open my mind to go outside of my comfort zone. I’m always looking for new things, experiences or people.  Life moves too fast, you have to slow down and look around.  I don’t drink or party any more, there is nothing in it. It is just trying to escape a mundane life, and that is tragic. Plus, the people you at clubs are not that cool.  Before emerging into this artificial world, consider living in the real world.  I’m happier than ever, living in the real world.  Plans don’t always turn out the exact way you plan. You have to be open to change and here is the best part. THINGS TURN OUT BETTER.  Open your mind, break the cage to structure, explore and be you.”