Interview – Dez


Be Present

and Mindful


“Be present and mindful. Not an easy thing to do, to not think about the past, or the future, but to live life in the moment. And Kindness can come from there.  To do it you have to follow your heart and be aware enough to know we are all swayed by the media, politics and society.  Enforce your self-authority over all these outside influences in doing what is right for self and others.  It’s all about ethics and morals.  There are so many good, kind and caring people in the world.  I moved to Los Angeles to follow an acting career.  After awhile I realized that my heart was not into it. I wanted to look beyond myself in helping others.  When I started school, I wanted to work with children and trauma. But as I spend time in my internship, working in a community mental health center, I’ve been exposed to many different cases and am learning a lot. I think I’ll stay here for now and hope to work with more families.  I work at least sixty hours a week, class, my unpaid internship and my moneymaking job (administrative assistant).  Why did you commit to a 365-day project with all you have to do?  First, I was a little bored and was looking for a challenge.  A little bored? Sixty-plus hours a week and a little bored, but the more I got into it, the better it felt. It is great to be a part of something positive and I’ve grown from the experience. We will always be evolving and there is much to learn.  If I could do it all again, I would study neuroscience. There is so much going on in that field, and it would be exciting to be part of it. What is fascinating is how study of the brain is linking to the treatment of trauma.”