Interview – Bronwyn


Spend Time Outside!


“Spend time outside!  Tomorrow I start a new job, so I’m getting in all the outdoor time I can find before I go to the office.  I’m tired of the little gestures.  If we are going to change, we have to do more, get involved, and educate ourselves.  It is amazing how little knowledge our current people know about the environmental impact of industry and population.  I’ve been studying this stuff for years and I haven’t even touched the surface of it.  Sure, it is a good thing to recycle our plastics. The positive impact of that alone is great.  Yes, I realize we are all busy and can’t find time to know it all. Bronwyn even accepts this in stating, ‘I have been studying the environment for years, and there is no way I can know it all.’  We need to push a little harder in doing our part.  I’d love to see a day when we are doing more good for the planet than harm.”