Interview – Ann


United We Stand,

United We Grow


“If you take life too serious, undue stress is the only result. You need to see life, not avoid it. Every day is an adventure, and every day is a day to better your life. Things are crazy sometimes, but I’m loving the experience and learning how to think and how to enjoy life. Don’t smother your kids. Give them room to grow. Let them make mistakes, how else will they learn? Be vigilant, talk to them from the minute they learn to speak and understand. Be silly and playful, but don’t paint life as a fairy tale, teach them what is real, and the consequences of both good and bad choice. Give them rope, but be involved in guiding them. Be honest, communicate with them and allow them to tell you anything without fearing that you will judge them. Most powerful, teach them respect: for self, for each other, for parents and for others. Disrespect is not tolerated, we have no yelling, no cussing, no pushing, no fighting, and ‘hate’ is a word that does not enter our house. And I’m happy to say, ‘All our kids get along.' As parents, don’t fight, argue or contradict each other in front of your kids. Stay united, your actions can either divide or unite. If your kids see you divided, so to will they do the same. It’s our responsibility as parents to set the tone.”