Interview – Billimarie


I would ask people

how they are


"'There is too much talk in the world, and not enough listening. That’s where we get lost and feel alienated around each other. We have to acknowledge, ‘my feeling are just as valid as your feelings… my experiences… my knowledge… my thoughts… my goals… My ambitions are just as valid as anybody else’s.’

I would ask people how they are and hope for an honest response. And if not an honest response, then at least a response, and see what happens.”

I used to think in bigger terms. I was in love with this concept of saving the world, what I think is the way most passionate people are. Wanting to help, wanting to make things better, wanting to offer something. And that is beautiful on it’s own terms. It’s just now I’m seeing the world a little bit differently as I mature and continue to do things.

Quite honestly something that we need to do… something that we should teach ourselves to do… is to denounce the idea of a future… to denounce the idea of security… and to take pride in the moment– as cliché as that is. Because there is no future without being here. So we have to ask ourselves, what are you going to do right now, regardless of fear, regardless of the past? I think this is one of the best things we can do to build a better future. Which is slightly paradoxical, I’m aware. But a lot of the amazing things in life are.'”