Your impact truly matters in bettering the way we view and treat one another...


To everyone who wants to be part of a big picture outreach that serves mankind and our future generations, Operation-365 is what humanitarian service and charitable giving is now.

Our Three Fold Mission
Create socially responsible apps and content
work hand-in-hand with events, rallies and outreach

Foster constructive dialogue and acts of kindness between people of all diversity

Raise funds to aid member referred community service and humanitarian needs



We host and produce events, rallies and educational outreach
that advocate healthy exchange of ideas
and acceptance of diversity

We develop apps, produce media and publish content that fosters
respectful dialogue, builds community and inspires acts of compassion

We provide financial assistance and oversight for
member referred community service projects

We help fund below the radar humanitarian efforts by partnering with
individuals, groups and like-minded non-profits

We bring people together in mind, heart and action in bettering how
we view and treat one another– especially in our difference


Invite others

to join us