To everyone who wants to take part in a big picture project that serves mankind and our future generations...

Operation-365 is a community supported advocacy and service organization creating new social networking channels, inspirational content, events, rallies and programs that better the world we share. We uplift and connect diverse people in constructive dialogue, as we raise funds to support community referred service and humanitarian outreach. We are what charitable giving is now– serving mankind in real time.


How We Do It

Host and produce events, rallies and outreach that advocate healthy exchange of ideas and acceptance of diversity.

Develop and manage apps, media and content that foster respectful dialogue and inspire acts of compassion.

Provide financial assistance and oversight for member referred community service projects.

Fund below the radar humanitarian efforts by partnering with individuals, groups and like-minded non-profits.

Bring people together in mind, heart and action to better how we view and treat one another– especially in our difference.


Invite others

to join us