On The Look Out

We're ready to hear your ideas on how we can better the world.


OK, we'll be open about it, we are the new face on the scene of charitable giving. Quite frankly, in the very beginnings of what we believe is a really good thing at the perfect time. But still, we're the new face.

Yes, we are a little different to a lot of other non profit humanitarian organizations. Our eyes are not pinpoint focused on a specific area of service. That's the beauty of who we are.

We like to call ourselves "Dreamers" and the "Doers." A growing and diverse community empathetic toward the needs of neighborhoods and communities. A people connected in the spirit of service, and a people
on the look out for below the radar humanitarian needs that, sadly, all too often get overlooked.

We are what charitable giving is now. An organization listening to, and driven by, the eyes, ears and hearts of an ever growing and involved community— and we stand ready.

Ready to accept your thoughts. Ready to appreciate your wisdom, and ready to hear your ideas on what you think we can do, and who we can serve.

The more who give, the more we can share, and best of all, the more we are able to do in growing a better world.