WHAT IF each of us reached outside of our regular circle of friends and family to interact with someone we never noticed before?

Could we make the world a better place?

A simple smile, a sincere conversation, a helping hand, anything that affects the people around you for the positive. The more we recognize each other, the greater our effect becomes in bettering the ways we view and treat one another.

Please return and share your experience with us. Just fill out as much of the survey as you wish, and if you can, we invite you to upload a photo so we can put a face, or a place, with your experience.

photo submission guidelines
Mobile Device Snapshots are OK. If you are sizing your photos, keep them as close as you can to 1200pixels width @72dpi (no more than 1mb file size), and save them as jpegs

If you are titling your files (use this file naming): First Name, Country, State, and Place as shown: jane_unitedkindom_england_london.jpg