Victory - Disconnect To Reconnect Recognized By State Of California.


JOIN THE NEXT RALLY: January 28, 2018 - 9am to 9pm

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Whereas, A community supported advocacy and service organization that has garnered well-deserved support for its notable efforts to encourage widespread participation in Disconnect to Reconnect Day on the forth Saturday of every month, is worthy of special public recognition and commendations for its innovative approach to bettering the world by disconnecting to reconnect with others through acts of service and compassion; and

Whereas, Founded in September 2011 and headquartered in Southern California, aims to encourage everyone to share empathy through everyday interpersonal interaction within the communities in which they live and work, and in so doing, the organization hopes to foster the growth of inclusive communities where the worth of others is valued--including diversity and the differences among people—for the benefit of all; and

Whereas, To achieve this worthy aim, is working to re-channel the way social networking and streaming media are used so that individuals will be motivated to choose times to pause and set aside their desire to be immersed in a digital, virtual world so that they can instead engage with one another in meaningful face-to-face interactions; and

Whereas, Moreover, the laudable mission of is to develop technology, advocacy and outreach that inspire acts of kindness, support community service, and raise funds for humanitarian efforts, thereby bettering the world we share—one person, one neighborhood and one community at a time; and

Whereas, Embracing the belief that by sharing wisdom, culture, and experience in real time through meaningful face-to-face interactions we can make the first steps toward bettering the way we view and treat one another, hopes to enlist and ever larger number of people in actions that will make a positive difference in communities and in the wider world; and

Whereas, In order the achieve its audacious goals, invites people throughout California and across the nation to dedicate one Saturday each month, from 9a.m. to 9p.m., as a period when the use of social and streaming media will be voluntarily limited, so that during that time participants can refocus their energies and attention on performing acts of service and compassion within their own communities.